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Service Terms


We thank you for visiting our website. We respect each and every individual who is interested in our products and services, and will continue to bring you the very best in our world class solutions. You must agree to our important terms and conditions before utilizing our services offered. We treat everyone equal, and do not discriminate against race, language, culture, or religion. Everyone around the world is provided the upmost respect and service at all times.



Strict Chargeback Policy

Chargebacks, are often used for fraud in the marketplace these days. Unauthorized uses, without your permission. However, are used to some advantages, not including unauthorized uses. We prohibit a stricy chargeback policy. It must be proven if or should the situation arise, that the purchase was unauthorized, before issuing a dispute. We expect our customers, to bring these things to our attention.

This is what we are here for, to offer you a quality service. We are here to take care of your needs, and not concern them. Before using a chargeback, it should always be a last resort. If there's ever an issue, as it does happen, no one is perfect, our toll-free numbers, along with 24/7 e-mail support, can be found throughout our website. We are here to help, and cannot do so unless you contact us. We strongly encourage you, in doing so. We want you to remain happy.



Filling Out Our Forms

Romance Books Unlimited, is getting even stricter with our content, and all information that enters our secure systems. We absolutely do not tolerate fake names, email addresses, and all other false information. Our servers track this information. Any party who attempts to enter this information, our systems will automatically lock you out of all services provided by us. It's not fair to consumers who are legitimate, and takes only one to ruin it for everyone. We are not here to spam our community. You expressed an interest in our offerings, and we are simply providing you a quality service. If you have no intention in furthering your relationship with Romance Books Unlimited, it's easy. Don't fill out the form.




Romance Electronic Books Disclaimer


Terms And Conditions

We appreciate each and every customer whom purchases our quality romance books and all other digital services provided by Romance Books Unlimited products. An erotic division and enterprise of Woods Quality Ebooks Company. We thank you for shopping at our partner retailer networks, in which our unique erotic, and romance ebook bundles, along with individual items are found and purchased. Woods Quality Pdf Ebooks Company is a worldwide informational database, for the lovers of educational and beneficial resources, for the global individual consumer.


Erotic Romance Ebooks Copyright

All of our quality databases of romance authors and titles, are copyrighted books, along with respected work of the authors, and publishers. They may not be copied, or pirated around the internet, such as Torrents, etc. All books purchased through Woods Quality Pdf Ebooks Company, and Romance Books Unlimited databases are for the privacy of your own use. These books absolutely cannot be re-sold, and do not carry resell rights whatsoever.

These are for entertainment and personal purposes only. If you would like to share these quality resources with your friends, or others you know may enjoy our products, we can reward you with cash, along with our exclusive internet marketing tools in getting the word out. In return we will compensate you weekly, as we keep track of every referral in your personal affiliate account you create with us. All reading material is 100% encrypted, and cannot be modified in any way.

All romance books, audios, and video content, is granted permissable actions in obtaining these resources through Romance Books Unlimited. They may not be shared, outside of the members databases. It is strictly prohibited, and may result in loss of membership privileges, and deletion of account without notice. 


Unauthorized Member Log In Attempts

Our systems are highly encrypted, and monitored 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. While access is unlimited to Romance Books Unlimited, unauthorized login attempts, are tracked on our servers. Sharing usernames, and passwords with other non members will result in deletion of your account without notice. Should you have trouble logging in to your members area(s), we are here 24/7 to assist with that. Use responsibly.


Products And Services

All customers who purchases any of our quality online solutions must use these products responsibly. All products are 100% copywrited and distributed for your personal use only, unless containing some type of rights to resell each individual item. Download links are distributed to each customer for their own privacy and use of products. These links are not to be shared at all, posted in forums or blogs. Our system tracks this type of activity. Romance Books Unlimited, reserves the right to terminate your use of services without notification, due to abuse of any products. We are here to protect consumers and their privacy.


Refund Policy

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on our product purchases only. Reseller programs and home business opportunities are non refundable due to the nature of the residual income potentials. Should there be anything wrong with any of the products, please give us a reasonable request in reasoning to issue a refund.

We will do the very best we can in providing you excellence of our services and customer support. If you are not serious about reseller opportunities we offer, simply do not sign up for any of them. We are not here to guarantee you wealth and riches overnight. Everyone's success is always going to differ and that has to come from the individual person, and their efforts.


Coupons And Special Offers

We will always guarantee the quality of our products and services. But not guarantee any outcomes. All coupons that are expired will be honored by us. Simply notify us by email, and we will honor your coupon to use towards any of our products and services. Do not share coupons with other family or friends. Simply refer them to our site and store, for them to receive our promotional offers for themselves. We reserve the right not to honor any coupon, and decline any offers should any suspected abuse occur.


Adult Material And Products

We ask that all customers purchasing our Adult products and services use them responsibly, and abide by all legal laws in your state, region, or country. Quality Pdf Ebooks Online is not held responsible for misuse of this content. It is vital that you use a valid email address on our website in order to view content. Should you not abide by these rules, we ask that you not view the content, and leave the page as a courtesy to us and all other guests of Quality Pdf Ebooks Online. Products of adult nature should be used in the privacy of your own home. Items cannot be re-sold or distributed elsewhere, as this is copyrighted information.


Romance Books Unlimited Extras 


Resellers Programs

Woods Quality Pdf Ebooks Company does offer available reseller products, for home based business owners interested in earning unlimited residual income online. For reseller products that are offered through Woods Quality Pdf Ebooks Company, visit our Romane Books Unlimited extras solutions, at any of our 21 online retailer locations (coming soon)



Romance Books Unlimited

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